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I wanna remember us

Wade Wilson: Listen, we both know that cancer is a shit-show. Like a Yakov Smirnoff opening for the Spin Doctors at the Iowa State Fair shit-show. And under no circumstances will I take you to that show. I want you to remember me, not the ghost of Christmas me. Vanessa Carlysle: Well, I wanna remember us. Wade Wilson: I swear to God, I will find you in the next life and I’m gonna boom-box “Careless Whisper” outside your window. Wham!

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Say the magic words, Fat Gandalf

Buck: [smacks Vanessa’s rear] I’d hit that. Deadpool: Buck, you best apologize before… [Vanessa grabs Buck’s groin] Deadpool: Yeah, that. Vanessa Carlysle: Say the magic words, Fat Gandalf. Buck: I’m sorry. Deadpool: Breathe through the nose. Buck: I don’t have a filter between my brain and my… [Vanessa grabs harder] Deadpool: [to Vanessa] Let go. Okay. Hey, oh, oh, oh… Hakuna his tatas. He’s sorry.

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